Women’s Studies, What Even is That?

My Program:

My Interdisciplinary program at Plymouth State University is Women’s Studies. I could never think of a more perfect major for myself. This major isn’t normally offered at Plymouth State, only a minor. I was so happy when I found out about the Interdisciplinary Studies program, so I could make Women’s Studies my own program! Feminism is a subject that I feel strongly about and I learn a lot about that in my classes. I learn a lot about women’s health, psychology, history, and modern day issues. It’s great that in just my one major I can take different types of classes with different disciplines, that also relates to Women’s Studies. Click the link below to view my IDS essay!

IDS Essay

My Applied Project:

Doing my applied project was extremely fun for me. Since my freshman year, I’ve taken many women’s studies classes and many of those classes had to do with feminism. I have seen many documentaries on feminist based issues and loved every single one of them. When I found out about this assignment, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I wanted to make my own version of a documentary. I made a video on something that I was very passionate about, feminism! My documentary is about the objectification of women in the media, TV commercials, and music videos. This was a way for me to really look into the issue and try to figure out a way to fix it. Researching this, and making my own video on it really helped me learn how big of an issue this is. If you want to watch my documentary, click the link below!

The Objectified

My Research Article:

Just like my applied project, I knew exactly what I was going to write my research article on. I have experienced back lash about being a feminist and really wanted to learn and break down the reasons why. I wanted to learn why it was such a “turn off” to be a feminist. In my essay, I researched the topic in small different parts to really try to understand it. I broke it into history, media, and celebrities. I wanted to cover every aspect as to why feminism has a negative connotation to it. I also looked at how those same aspects show a positive light to feminism as well. I wanted to get both sides of it. I never really knew the reasonings behind why feminism has a negative stigma, until I researched it for my research essay. This contributed so much to my education because now I know both sides of it, positive and negative. If you want to read my research article, click the link below!

One of Many F Words

Final Thoughts on My Program:

CC BY: John Walker https://flic.kr/p/82h9kL

Doing the applied project and research article together really tied up my program. I’m coming up into my last semester at Plymouth State and this was a good way to end my Senior Capstone class. Being an Interdisciplinary student really helped me create my own, self-driven program. My program is based on my own interests and motivates me to learn and succeed. I’m glad I got to be a part of this IDS program and make my Women’s Studies program a success!


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